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NASA crowdsources design ideas for its new ISS-bound robot

Although arrived in 2006, NASA´s SPHERES robots have roamed the international space station in microgravity research by serving as engineer and robotic test beds. Now it is a better time to an upgrade. As NASA preparing to launch SPHERES' successor, a cube-shaped robot which can fly freely named as ASTROBEE, was a robot has more noteworthy features and is an crowdsourcing design concept in one of machines. ASTROBEE has a robotic arm used to perceive and interact with the objects.

ASTROBEE was set to launch next year, and compact cubed robot measuring one foot along eac side. NASA imagine that they will build a value of SPHERES (synchronised position hold, engage, 're-orient, experimental satellite's). ASTROBEE has an ability to carry out research and monitoring duties in all available ways and largely featured robotic device.

NASA was noted an example is the exploration of magnetic propulsion, which is the astronauts tested aboard the ISS in 2013. They imagined that it could get implied approscheexperimentally with a magnetic fields in a tight pattern with ofcomposition other spacecraft's. NASA says that the scientists will be able to add magnetic propulsion modules to ASTROBEE to test different control approaches, without the complicated risk of losing valuable satellites.

More to be discussed about this.....let's start that in comment box.....?
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