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The games you didn’t know you’ve been playing

Every minute, every now you read a book that which changes your perspective on and about a lot of things.

One of the book of which changes your perspective is:-Finite and infinite games by james carse.

Generally you know that "what you are doing", but everything we do is in the form of a game. Some are finite, and some are infinite. "Finite and infinite games" book provides general clarity on the games that which we play is finite or infinite and why we are playing that games, the major purpose of the game itself is here's some of the quotes from the book.

"A game which is played for the purpose of winning is finite game, and the game which is played for a continuity is infinite game."

"Strength is paradoxical. I am not strong because I can force other to do that what I wish as result in my play with others, but I can allow them what to do in the course of my play with them."

"A war generates itself for the self-protection, in fact when it is necessary for self-identification."

"Finite players will play the game with in boundaries, whereas infinite players play with boundaries."

"To be serious is for a specific conclusion. To be playful is an allow for possibility whatever the cost for oneself."

"To use a machine for control is to be control by a machine."

Read the book to know about that valuable information..
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