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There are six billion reasons to get a Netflix subscription right now

Still debating that whether u should get your own Netflix subscription other than binging upon shows with borrowed friend's accounts?, you should finally make a jump to get your own subscription as Netflix's future looks brighter than ever, at least, when it comes to content.

In a debate of regular TV over ratings, the Netflix confirmed that will not spend less than $6 billion upon the content this year with including of license deals and original scripted programming.  Netflix chief content officer named Ted Sarandos was revealed the number, according  to The New York Times.

The exec was fired back at NBC after the latter said it can offer unofficial but accurate viewers for Netflix shows, however the streaming company has never closed, even to its partners.

NBC's numbers were 'Remarkably inaccurate', said by sarandos asking that why the TV networks are much interested in talking about the performance of Netflix. "Maybe it's rue that it's more fun than talking about NBC ratings.

"The philosophy and the estimation and the information itself don't mirror any feeling of reality of anything that we monitor," Mr. Sarandos said, alluding to NBC's appraisals. "That could be on account of 18-to 49-year-old review is so unimportant to us I can't advise what number of 18-to 49-year-old individuals we have. We don't track it."

Rather, the Netflix official said Netflix has more than 70 million endorsers around the world, 43 million of them being Americans.

So, Netflix's case that it's burning through $6 billion on writing computer programs is something fans will appreciate. The first substance list for 2016 is certainly amazing – look at trailers for every one of the shows launching soon at this link.
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