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Samsung working to copy iPhone 6s Live Photos feature for next Galaxy S7

Samsung mobiles going to maintain it's lead by following innovation of this year's new awaiting trend setter galaxy s7 by modifying the live photos feature which is already got in apple iPhone 6s, but that pre-planned feature may not be done for other flagship's launch.
After the consumers responded at softened "edge" screen last year, Samsung has released an another model with a "Rose gold" coloured metal just like as Apple's, days before the launching of iPhone 6s.

 Samsung mobiles is going to arrive the live photos feature as best as it can,which was rumoured by the Android geeks.

"Vivid photo" or it's alternative photo called "Timeless photo" feature's out an audio output and a GIF image, which can be shared between the users.

 Apple's Live Photos

  Apple has a hardware feature of live photos capture for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with an operating system of iOS 9. It automatically records the present motion and corresponding sound related to the motion, and these are paired to the photo and saved in background to the photo's library in mobile.

Once the image is saved to the library, it can be shared only with other iOS 9 operating mobiles.For sharing to other devices they are some afforta take in chance to support a new format.

 Apple iPhones with iOS 9 and apple watch can be set the live photos as lock screen and can send as message with imessage and other macs in the latest beta of OS X 10.11.14.

Apple iPhone with iOS 9 can see the live photo by finger press feature. IPhone 6s can inoke that interesting feature with an 3d touch to standard still image.Samsung mobiles was also introducing a new feature naming 3d touch trying to gain much good responses with this following features for the future releasing Galaxy s7.

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