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Robotic Falcon Takes Down Rogue Drones With One Shot

Even though the U.S authorities had made gateway in terms of regulating drone use, till there's no real standard  way of stopping a drone that once you find out is illegally flying over your home and business. However, it may be a problem to change.

A team  formed from the Michigan Technology  University has invented  a drone catcher called a Robotic Falcon which acts as a kind of drone catcher.

Robotic Falcon does not look like a bird, it's just an another drone, invented with a capability of same kind of flight and speeds available to most high-end drones. Robotic Falcon has a feature, that accurate net that it catches the rogue drones by shooting on the rogue drones.

Once the netting is shooted upon the rogue drone, the target drone is rendered inactive and can be taken away by the Robotic Falcon, that maintains a tether to the netting after the target has been un-conditoined.

Robotic Falcon has a net with a range of 40 feet, can be more efficient in most cases where a rogue drone needs reigning.

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