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"Defumblr" Android lockscreen app cues to pro features

 An another newest mobile application that you have ever seen from a founder of was here that they wants to re-imagine that how the people are interacting with their smartphones. The best Way to avoid some interruptions in middle of your work is an application named as Defumblr is an mobile application easy to do fast messages, to-do-lists, calls and some other most useable features will display directly on your mobile lock screen.
Although there are many home screen applications, launchers,lockers are available for smartphones-where the Defumblr is initially compete. But the Defumblr application is envisioned not as like add-on to Android existing user interface, but a New kind of smartphone interface to connect altogether. 

Defumblr helps to the users to get shortcuts in their smartphone by a lock screen that consists of many features. 

Now there are successfully 17 customizable widgets for a lock screen that you will like mostly.


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