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Adding Tor support on Android

We made a Tor onion address in 2014 to make it less demanding for individuals to connect to Facebook securely from Tor-empowered programs. This change expanded the security of Tor associations with Facebook by wiping out steps that obliged activity to travel past the certifications gave by the Tor system.

From that point forward, a group of individuals has developed to utilize this element and offer us some assistance with making it more proficient and solid. We usually get demands for extra stage bolster past the program, and on account of a venture started by a late spring understudy at Facebook and in this manner grabbed by our Protect and Care group in London, we are presently offering test support for utilizing Facebook over Tor through Orbot proxy app  for Android gadgets.

We're discharging this element throughout the following couple of days to look for input which will offer us some assistance with creating an extraordinary affair for utilizing Facebook over Tor on Android. To begin you can make a beeline for Google Play  or the F-Droid repository and download  Orbot: Proxy with Tor.

You can likewise discover more guidelines on the Tor Project’s Android page.

In the wake of introducing , visit your Facebook "Application Settings" menu to empower the component utilizing another inclination switch. Additional data and overhauls will be posted on the Facebook over Tor page.

Android Engineering for Facebook over Tor was given by the Facebook London Protect and Care Team. On account of Will Shackleton, Nick , and for all their diligent work. On account of the Guardian Project  for , and the Tor Project.
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